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CROSSTABULATION is a compilation of survey questions from a base of survey respondents. The software we use is QUANTUM. Tabulation reports are very easy to read and understand. We provide unlimited wording for table titles and response categories. We offer significance testing at multiple confidence levels on the same table, and much more. CROSSTABULATION output can be printed in a standard line printer font or in a postscript proportional font. CROSSTABULATION output can be delivered in many different forms: hard copy paper, a simple text file format, a spreadsheet-accessible format, or a .pdf file format. Text file and .pdf file formats can be downloaded to your pc and printed in your office, at your convenience. Click a link below to download a few generic samples of tabulation reports. (Adobe Acrobat Format)

  • sampletable1.pdf
  • sampletable2.pdf

    GRAPHICAL OUTPUT is a great alternative to tabular output, as well as providing enhancements to your tables. You can show the compiled results of your survey questions in graphic format using horizontal and/or vertical bar charts, line charts or pie charts. All graphs produced by The Miller Research Group are customized to a specific project. Graphical output is ideal for employee attitude/opinion and customer satisfaction surveys. Click a link below to download a few generic samples of graphic charts. (Adobe Acrobat Format)

  • samplegraph1.pdf
  • samplegraph2.pdf
  • samplegraph3.pdf

    QUANVERT software integrates your questionnaire raw data and tabulation specifications into a powerful, interactive database. It is an excellent option when needing additional analyses at the most crucial times. As it often happens when writing a report, you need an additional piece of information, or two. You need it now, not later, not tomorrow. With a QUANVERT DATABASE, you can access your own data and produce crosstabs with a few clicks of your mouse. QUANVERT is also a great instrument for data mining activities.

    Collection of survey data can be accomplished very conveniently using the power of the internet. WEB SURVEYS are ideally suited for employee attitude and opinion surveys, as well as pre-recruited surveys using potential respondents' e-mail addresses. Surveys can be answered at the respondent's convenience; at home, in the office, anywhere, anytime. WEB SURVEYS are efficient and cost-effective. By utilizing WEB SURVEYS you eliminate the need for entering data or typing verbatim responses. Collecting surveys over the Web means quicker access to the data for top-line results.

    TYPING VERBATIM RESPONSES for open-ended questions, printed in a report-ready format.

    DATA ENTRY with 100% verification of all data entered to check for accuracy.

    CODING of open-ended questions categorizing verbatim responses into a numeric coding structure for quantitative analysis.

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